Rock the Block 5/10K Race Report

Rock the Block 5/10K Race Report

by Candice West

One of the main reasons that I decided to do this race in particular is because it is one of the few longish races that allowed strollers and since my husband and I typically run together one of us always has to push the little guy.

Race day was fairly good weather, it looked like it might turn out to be a bit windy but by race time it had died down for the most part.

Registration online was simple, however, there was much confusion before the race on race day. The tents weren’t labled well people were told to get in one line, then told that was the wrong line. Start was a little delayed but no big deal.

There were 3 races a 10K, a 5K and a 1 mile fun run. We ran the 10K. There were about 1500 participants overall, most of which were running the 5K. They announced for the “serious” runners to start up front. We had the stroller so we positioned ourselves toward the back of what we thought was the 10K pack so we would not get in anyones way at the start.

The start was in a courtyard area so it took almost 2 minutes from the start signal to actually cross the starting line. The race was chip timed so it wasn’t a big deal. The start was really cramped up to the 1mile marker. There were MANY people that had started with the serious runners up front who made it less than 1 mile down the road and stopped to walk. Grrr…. Get out of my way!

After getting through the congestion the course was nice. One small hill, shady parts, plenty of water stations overall very nice.

I finished in 56:26, not bad! Refreshments were slim pickings by the time the 10K finishers got there, but overall it went well.


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