The Patriot Half Marathon Race Report

The Patriot Half Marathon Race Report

by Sarah McCutcheon

I ran the Patriot Half on May 28, in Rockwall. It was my first half, I think it went very well (I have nothing to compare it to). I was really nervous about the training but it went smoothly, and injury free! I did a 10 week program, when I started I had completed two 5k’s and one 10k, so I had good base mileage. I was/am a newbie runner!
Since the race was in my backyard, my friend and I trained on the route, we knew it backwards and forwards and I can pretty much tell you where each mile is. We decided to leave a cooler with our gatorade at mile 7. We had our hydration belts and knew when we would need a refill. (Yes, I’m OCD!) I needed this planned to the last detail!
Decided to start the race with the 2:20 pace group, started out really well, weather cooperated, a little cloudy with a breeze. It could have been so much worse. Lost the pace hit the 10k mark at about an hour, which is slower than my 10k race was in February, but I knew I was needing to make it another 7 miles. We lost the pace group when we stopped at mile 7 for refills and stretching. The hill coming up from 205 to mile 8 was killer. I had practiced it for weeks but it was brutal!
Mile 9-10 was hard as well. I had a friend with the cycling team and he paced me to about mile 11, which was up a hill, that helped tremendously. I did threaten to steal his bike atone point! 🙂
Once I hit mile 12 I saw the 2:20 pace group and ran like crazy to catch up to them, then slowed down a bit. I was able to pass them and finish in 2:19:40. I’m very pleased with that! My goal is to knock a few minutes off my time for the next half in October. I am already signed up for the 2013 Patriot.
My only “complaint” if you will is the start time, I wish it were earlier than 7:45, we got lucky with cloud cover this year.


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